Wednesday, 20 November 2013


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Those still stinging from the waste of time which was Slingshot will be happy to know XCOM’s Enemy Within expansion more than makes up for Firaxis’ past failing. As with their Civ V expansions, XCOM’s overall story and direction remain the same with this expansion even while it adds a new dimension to the title. 

Playing upon themes brought up in the previous campaign, Enemy Within expands upon the idea of better utilising alien tech for self-enhancement. Along with gene-modded marines, added to your roster now are eight-foot-tall MEC Troopers armed and armoured to the teeth. While the former offer largely passive buffs discovered by dismembering the corpses of aliens, the more tasty additions are the Troopers.


  1. Mec Troopers are pretty much Thin man proof in my experience. Thin men are accurate, but Mecs have so much health that it takes them ages to kill one. And if you give the Mec the ability that reduces all damage by 2 (after the first hit), Thin men pretty much end up doing almost no damage at all. Plus, mecs are immune to poison and have resistance to Critical hits; even with a whole group of Thin men, a Mec will probably win due to sheer attrition. The biggest threat to mecs I encountered at low level was probably Exalt heavies, just because they get rocket launchers.