Saturday, 30 November 2013

Fans Create Interactive 3D Warhammer 40,000 Galaxy Map

In something different from the usual fan creations made to celebrate a fictional universe, Russian Warhammer 40,000 fans have set out to create an interactive 3D map of the Imperium. The map has already begun to feature a number of iconic locations and world, including Armageddon, Terra and even the Eye of Terror.

Made from the Spacescape tools, the map allows users to focus upon a number of specific worlds, click on them, and zoom in from anywhere from a galactic view to having the world encompass the entire screen. Bringing up certain worlds can permit other features to appear. These can range from orbiting satellites, ships and nearby planets to non-interactive elements such as dying stars. Furthermore, the background may change when focusing upon certain planets such as those residing within the Eye of Terror.

In addition to visuals, the map features basic and detailed information about a number of worlds from their classes (gas giants, hive worlds etc) to mass, rotation, atmosphere and population. Further history of the worlds and their importance can be seen by bringing up a small text screen, which outlines a few hundred words and gives a more in-depth description surrounding the planet.

Thus far the map is still under heavy construction with only a small handful of important locations and systems implanted. The project's creators are currently looking to continue, and are open to both donations and additional help in their work. More information, and the map itself, can be found here.

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