Thursday, 21 November 2013

Top Ten Biggest Disappointments Of The Last Generation

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So with the PlayStation 4’s release and the Xbox One following a short distance behind another gaming generation has come to a close. While titles will still be made for the older consoles, much of the attention will be drawn to the next generation. Still, every generation is marked by its failings as much as its successes, but what of the games which fall short of the mark? The ones which promise the world to those who buy them yet prove to be nothing like anything promised to gamers? Here’s a list of the Top Ten Biggest Disappointments which plagued the games industry over the last several years. 

 Before we begin, here are two Honourable Mentions: Duke Nukem Forever and Sword of the Stars II. 

Both would be on this list were it not for two reasons: After ten years of development most did not expect that much from Duke Nukem Forever and Gearbox’s failing of hyping the hell out of a disappointing joke was ultimately overshadowed by a much worse case only a couple of years later. 

 Sword of the Stars II meanwhile was published as a buggy, half-baked game with good ideas but horrible AI programming. Since then developers were working around the clock to repair its flaws, with frequent patches to try and get the game to a truly operational state. It also delivered mostly upon what it promised, with the presence of the Lords of Winter and the title building upon what had come before. As a result, it was a disappointment at launch but did manage to shape up a bit into what people wanted as time went by. 

 That done, here’s the first title on our list:

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