Thursday, 18 June 2015

Under New Management

So, yeah, The Good the Bad and the Insulting is under new management. After several years of running this blog on my lonesome, i've joined up with the House of Paincakes after they graciously accepted my application. Truth be told this won't change too much on what we cover or when. We'll still be looking through wargaming lore, wargaming rules, science fiction in all forms with the odd bit of news and opinionated articles. 

There will still be a massive focus placed upon Warhammer 40,000 but i'm hoping to also branch out into new territories with this. We've spoken a few times about the likes of Firestorm Armada and Infinity, but perhaps it's time we start to properly examine them. Of course, that really depends largely upon news, releases and deadlines as much as anything else.

Also, expect actual content tomorrow. Sorry for the slow nature of things, but it's been an interesting week or two, and Codex: Space Marines has proven to be surprisingly dense to cover.


  1. Awesome! And yay for some Firestorm Armada!

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  3. I could have sworn I put my congratulations in these comments, but I guess my browser hiccuped instead, anyway congratulations and I'm interested in whichever new articles you're going to put out.
    I deleted that previous comment because I realized I screwed up and wanted to correct my comment.

    1. Yeah, sorry, you did and I swear I did approve it, and sorry for taking so long to say thanks for the congrats. Especially given how often you've taken the time to comment on the articles uploaded.