Saturday, 6 June 2015

Hatred (Video Game Review)

There’s no such thing as bad publicity. All throughout its development, that seemed to have been on Destructive Creations’ mantra when it came to Hatred. How so? Without the controversy, discussion and news pieces, this would have been a video game no one would have noticed upon release. Bland, unremarkable and mechanically flawed, it provokes more boredom than it does moral outrage.


  1. Yeah, not surprised by this at all. Critical concensus seems to be that the game is only remarkable for the controversy surrounding it, but otherwise it is just a poor twin stick.

    Although, you've got to give props to DC for playing the media and public outrage for all the free publicity they could.

    1. Well, they certainly knew how to play media coverage to their advantage, that's to be sure. Almost every part of this game goes the full extra mile in trying to evoke more rage from social justice warriors or puritanical journalists to get a bit more rage, especially with its achievements. At the same time though, it's pretty obvious no one on the dev team was taking this seriously.

      Though, if you have the time, try looking up the ending. It's one of the most hilarious things i've seen so far this year given how people were up in arms over its "realistic encouragement of violence" and such nonsense.

    2. On your recommendation I looked up the ending, and you're right, it is hilarious. I love how stupid the password was and post explosion part (talking after all of that for example). If only the game was more than mediocre.