Thursday, 4 June 2015

Space Bear Development - Galaxy Heist Interview

Blending two genres together is always a challenge, and the more diverse they are the more difficult transition. We’ve seen many ambitious projects over the years, but few seem to have blended quite so successful a mixture of elements as Space Bear Development’s latest Kickstarter backed video game.

Galaxy Heist can be seen as the natural next step down the road the likes of Guns of Icarus: Online started on. You have ships, you have multiple roles and you have just enough people to try and keep the ship flying, fighting and not exploding while in combat. Atop of all this though, you now have the opportunity to board enemy vessels, destroying them from within as you fight your way to the bridge. Offering space pirate style combat along with a variety of interesting weapons (a flamethrower in an enclosed artificial atmosphere ought to be especially interesting), this particular Kickstarter project is visibly going the extra mile to create a well-rounded and in-depth experience.

With the opportunity to ask further questions about their plans for Galaxy Heist and what will follow should their goals be met, we sat down to speak with Project Lead Ryan Lee...

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