Saturday, 17 January 2015

Stormcaller (Book Review)

After the mountain of problems which buried the sheer potential within Blood of Asaheim’s story ideas, Stormcaller was a chance to turn things around. It was set to truly finish off the prior novel’s events, which was little more than a “to be continued”, and perhaps accomplish more than disgracing both the Sororitas and Space Wolves alike. Combined with mention that Njal Stormcaller himself was appearing, who had remained something of enigma even among fans, this one looked to be an improvement. In all fairness it was, correcting a few prior issues, but as before this is one thoroughly undermined by a few distinct failings.

Having managed to hold back the Death Guard onslaught, word reaches Jarnhammer and their allies that reinforcements are inbound from both their chapter and the Ecclesiarchy. As heartening as this news is, each among them knows that they will face judgement for their failings and questions surrounding the near corruption of one of their brothers. Even beyond this, the Imperial Church has its own interests in this world, and will stop at nothing to ensure that the Space Wolves never learn of their sins.

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