Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Rocket Girls (Light Novel Review)

Trying to give a brief analysis on Rocket Girls is simultaneously extremely simple to outline, but also surprisingly complex.

On the one hand its an amalgamation of various tropes and ideas any avid watcher of anime can instantly pick out, from the exaggerated caricatures of people to the hefty dose of zaniness which is thrown into them mix. It's also lightly written, skipping a lot of the real meat you would expect to find on a on a book of its length and keeping details to a bare minimum.

On the other however,  Nojiri wrote it with clear self awareness of just how the book was going to be seen and visibly wrote many sections to appeal to a young adult audience. What's more is that many ideas present involving space travel were well ahead of their time, and for the most part the science is surprisingly accurate and in-depth.

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