Sunday, 8 June 2014

10 Out Of Character Moments That Annoyed Comic Fans

Pinning down the exact personality traits of a superhero can be a difficult thing at the best of times. Many undergo massive changes in the years since their creation, countless authors have put their own unique spin on the characters involved and then there’s all the retcons to keep track of. Sometimes ignoring some of this can work for the better, freeing up an author to try something entirely new or even to correct old mistakes comics had been stuck with for years. Yet for all the good moments where this works in a comic’s favour, there are a hundred where this lack of respect or knowledge has utterly torpedoed a character. These failings can be often narrowed down to specific moments or fights. The plot twists which stand out as so wildly out of character they cripple decades of character development, or even demolish the most basic concepts behind a hero or villain.

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