Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Knightmare Tower (Video Game Review)

In many respects Knightmare Tower is very similar to our last review. It's straightforwards arcady action which gradually scales over time and rewards the player with ever increasing buffs. You slaughter your way through hordes of foes until final victory and at the end of the day it's gaming distilled down to pure, raw, fun through relentless combat. However, there's a few things which clearly set it apart from Meltdown, the least of which is the visual style and setting. 

Following the most quintessential of generic fantasy plots, a villain appears, storms a king's castle and kidnaps his princesses. Imprisoning them within a tower of monsters, a knight is enlisted to free them and slay all hellspawn which lay wait in his path. Of course, few traditional fantasy myths have said knight launching himself up the tower via rocket. Or for that matter, feature several hours of the hero air-juggling himself into low orbit via the corpses of his enemies.

Oh and if that wasn't quite metal enough, you also have vertical tidal wave of lava you need to outrun.

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