Sunday, 23 February 2014

Delays and Life Changes

Right, this would have been up yesterday were it not for a few major delays. Unfortunately it's yet another one of these sorts of messages, the kind where we're going to experience a shortage in articles in the coming weeks.

This time it's due to employment. There has been a change in work and I am going to have to pursue an opportunity which will be taking up a great deal of time. The other is a series of ongoing talks in relation to one of the other outlets articles are uploaded for. It's nothing major but there are matters which will be discussed. This will affect overall activity on the website and it's unlikely there will be daily updates for some time yet. The updates which are made may be sporadic or come at random, but I will generally try to have them released at the same time-frame as usual.

Also, expect some activity on the Necrons page from earlier this week in the comments section. Both criticisms and responses to counter arguments. 

Beyond that, I hope you're all having a good week and that we're back up to speed again soon.

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