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Champions of Chaos - Harbingers of Ruin

Well, the faux Index Astartes article I create a while back has been getting a bit of attention. Given that it seemed only right to try and expand upon it a bit. Nothing major, merely a few figures which might serve as major characters at some point. Expect this to be expanded upon as time goes by.

Aurum Garrod 

A living testament to the Harbingers' iron will and self control, Garrod is the most ancient among the warband. One of the first recruits to have served among the legion, he was old even when Angron was discovered and is one of the last of the original War Hounds who still retains mortal form. While hardly nostalgic for such days, the memory of what they once were is what has personally driven him these many years. Fueling his hunt to seek out and slay all wayward sons of the Red Angel who have become consumed by their rage. Whether this is out of contempt or mercy killing is unknown, but the countless skulls which adorn his command throne on the Ruin of Kings display how effective he has become in his hunt. 

Garrod's body has withstood the ravages of time only thanks to being utterly consumed by the gifts of Chaos. Permanently fused with his ancient cataphractii plate, the Kriegsherr towers over even the massive bulk of a Centurion suit and resembles more monster than man. Warpborne gifts cover the armour's every surface, binding the ceramite with organic muscle structures and transforming his expressionless helm into a snarling effigy of a Bloodthirster's maw. 
Between the gaps in the plating, blackened polluted blood perpetually flows across his form yet never seems to reach the ground. In battle the armour churns out crimson mists of lifeblood taken from those Garrod slays. All but the most staunch of warriors caught within this are driven into a self mutilating frenzy, their minds overcome by the bloodthirst which plagues so many of Khorne's warriors.

Few realise that this mist is Garrod's own growing madness given physical form, slowly overcoming the sorceries which have long held it at bay. Should he fail to finally ascend to daemonhood, he will surely devolve into the very thing he has fought for so long. 

Mercellus Tercon 

One of a handful of renegade astartes integrated into the Harbingers before the Blood Lords incident, Tercon is the warband’s long standing Second Captain. Recruited in early M36, the warrior was a former Chaplain of the Ultramarines fifth company who joined the devotees of Khorne after years of bitter fueding. Witnessing the infamous rule of Chapter Master Nappator, a figure obsessed with earning his chapter honours and proving themselves superior to sons of “lesser” primarchs, Tercon was a vocal critic of the warrior’s decrees. 

Following an ill-advised order to assault a Word Bearers stronghold which saw the annihilation of both sides, the Chaplain was found half dead by the Harbingers wondering the fortress’ ruins. Having fallen to Khorne’s whispers in his rage driven efforts to hunt down Word Bearers survivors and barely a threat in his state, he was instead taken prisoner. Few know what followed after he was taken to the Ruin of Kings in chains. Some claim that he was corrupted, his mind altered by the Salii, others that he found qualities within the warband that the Ultramarines had lost. Whatever the case, when he next emerged, Tercon bore the colours of the Harbingers and was serving as their Lanista. Charged with overall command of the warband’s Socii and decreeing how they would be taught, Tercon quickly implemented a number of major reforms. 

With his harsh leadership, the group saw their aspirants become better trained combatants in the manner of the Ultramar Auxilia. Furthermore, an innate understanding of the Codex Astartes was passed onto each of his students, becoming integrated with their teachings. He inspired a number of its values to their warriors, but more importantly teaching them how to exploit its lines of thought. With the severe casualties the Harbingers have inflicted upon the Red Scorpions in the Telen Massacres, it is obvious Tercon’s presence has greatly augmented their forces. As the warband’s numbers have grown over time, the question remains if the fallen Chaplain will ever return to Ultramar. To bathe those worlds in blood and truly complete his betrayal of their gene-father.

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