Friday, 3 January 2014

Top Ten Games of 2013

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WOW! What a YEAR. There were a lot of great games that came out this year, some better than others. We had comebacks, remakes, and just awesomeness come together. Let alone the release of the new consoles (and no those games aren’t on this list because…Knack…). So we here at combined our big-fat-heads together and came up with a list. When the name appeared more than once the game made it on the list, if that didn’t happen we took a look at the highest-rated and most fun experiences we’ve had with these games. This is the Top Ten Games of 2013.

10. Ducktails Remastered

By: Kevin

If you’ve listened to our podcast you’ll see that our theme song is indeed the Moon Level theme. Why? Well besides the obvious that it’s an awesome song, it’s one of our favorite games. Hearing that there would be a remake was just…orgasmic. From the old Capcom jingle in the opening to the awesome songs and graphics, it was the PERFECT REMAKE. I don’t throw that word around very often, but this was a great remake. From the level designs, to the slick gameplay, it was all just a good time. Also the added elements of the voice actors and YOU CAN JUMP IN THE POOL OF COINS. Once completing the game you unlock the classic 8-bit music and deciding on the two are tough.

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