Thursday, 23 January 2014

Cyanide Studio Announce New IP – Styx: Master of Shadows

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Despite their hit and miss nature when it comes to their games, Cyanide has an affinity when it comes to dark fantasy. Having adapted a number of tabletop titles in the past, including Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl, they’re similarly familiar with the more cartoonish or trope subverting side of fantasy games. As such, between the synopsis and screenshots the recent announced Styx: Master of Shadows sounds like something well worth looking into. 

 Touted as being an infiltration game with RPG elements added in, the game has you playing the goblin Styx. No, not a goblin, the goblin, a two century old rogue who was the firstborn of his kind and a master at infiltration, assassination and parting people with their valuables. With his abilities, he now has a lofty goal in mind: Infiltrate the massive fortress tower of Akenash, sneak through while avoiding its human and elf warriors, and make a small fortune from whatever he finds within. The task will not be easy, as the location of the Tree, the source of Amber within this world, it is heavily defended. However, it offers to him something more than mere money: Perhaps a chance to finally know his origins…

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