Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Dark Heresy - The Return And Future Updates

Evening all.

Readers of this blog might have realised we've fallen behind on updating Dark Heresy. Since the ending to the introductory campaign, unconnected to the main campaign, there has been nothing despite the build-up. Well, that's going to change. We will be getting back to the story soon, but it won't be in the same format as before.

The real problem i'm having is that recording these sessions while playing them is taxing at the best of times. Keeping track of three people, every good moment of dialogue, sifting through the jokes then writing it all up takes far longer than it should. Especially with four hour sessions. Even when I did get them up on time these were not of the best quality. Having looked back at the last few Shadowrun sessions, i'm sorely tempted to go back and clean up some of the obviously bad parts of the writing. Since we've had another person join us since that campaign things have only gotten worse, as have the delays.

I'm now having to go through pages of notes almost as long as the articles themselves and can't get through them before the next session is upon us. That's assuming life and other writing duties aren't coming first, as they usually are. As such, the write ups are going to be far more generalised. Compiling the events of two or three sessions at a time than recording them one by one. It's really the only way they're going to get on here any time soon and things have reached the point where they're either uploaded like this or not at all. I am sorry about this, but to keep up with daily articles this is the only way things can be.

I hope you enjoy what we have coming up and tomorrow I will get around the answering a few of the comments which have been left on articles of late.

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