Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Review Drought & Black Library Second Hand Sale

This is just another announcement so i'll keep it brief. Firstly, we're going to have another review drought. Yes, so soon after the last one and i'm sorry. It's another unavoidable thing which involves life outside the internet. I'm going to be serving as an assistant editor on a small film production  for roughly a month from later this month to early October. As such most of my time is going to be spent working however I can on that to gain much needed experience outside of student documentaries. There will still be infrequent reviews for Starburst Magazine, Paranerds and The Founding Fields, but only occasional ones when I have something to write. There will not be daily updates for a while.

That done, the next point is shameless advertising. Having a small library's worth of Black Library titles i'm running out of space to keep them. As such i'm going to be selling off quite a few in the near future. They'll be of varying quality, though given the amount of hate mail I keep getting plenty apparently like Wrath of Iron, several are now no longer in print and a few are signed copies. All of them will be of a relatively decent quality, those which are water damaged or falling to bits i'll be keeping. There will be comics and novels besides this but they will be sold at a later date.
I'll be adding a full list of items later on but they will also be advertised on a few websites, so you might have some competition if you're after something specific.

That done, I hope you have a good evening and for things to return to normal soon.

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