Monday, 2 September 2013

MEGA MAN Spiritual Successor Kickstarted by Keiji Inafune

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It’s not hard to say that the last few years have not been good for fans of any incarnation of the blue bomber. Between creator Keiki Inafune leaving Capcom, the cancellation of Legends 3 and Universe, and the decision to only revive the series on its 25th anniversary for a social iOS title, things have not been good. The only decent news for fans wanting a good game was the original character’s inclusion in the next Super Smash Bros. Until now.

Appearing on Kickstarter just yesterday the Mighty No. 9 is Inafune’s next project. Advertised as “classic Japanese side-scrolling action” featuring a robot protagonist resistant to a corrupting virus and steal weapons from enemies, it’s fairly clear where inspiration is coming from. It’s also a trend which doesn’t stop with just Inafune and the title’s basic elements.

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