Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Future Reviews Of Codices And Armybooks

This is just a brief update for those who have been visiting the site over the past and also a question to you.

The first thing is that there will be no review today. In order to keep track of some larger projects for The Founding Fields and i'm going to need the time to proofread, take notes and sort out my thoughts on a few subjects. We'll be returning to normal tomorrow with the next recorded session of the Shadowrun campaign, which is close to our end-game now. It's just a minor delay, everything will return to normal soon.

The question on the other hand relates to the site's content. There's a few hundred of you visiting daily now from ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, Facebook and a good number of websites and forums. Quite a few more took interest in Codex: Iyanden giving the site a sudden influx of traffic. This isn't really a surprise given the fact it was a look into a new rulebook, but the review of Codex: Tau Empire failed to make even a third of those numbers despite being similarly uploaded within days of the release. As such it seems only right to ask, what sort of wargame content are you after?

There's no point in uploading this stuff each day if you're not going to read it, so it would be good to know what you want in terms of rulebook reviews. Are you looking for more from a specific army, more in depth looks at the rules or commentary upon the ways the book presents its faction? Furthermore are you interested only in current releases or also those from past editions of 40K and Fantasy? Does anyone actually want me to start looking at Fantasy armybooks?

This isn't some opportunity for people to start spamming demands for reviews of specific things. Nor will this dramatically alter the focus of the website from films, novels and video games to purely tabletop stuff. These would only be reviewed on occasion and to no particular schedule, much like everything else. However, if there is a particular edition of the game or army you are interested in please say so. I'll be interested to hear your comments.


  1. Some FB armybooks reviews would be really nice. As for the other stuff... well, new Dark Angels codex review would be really nice, if it's no too much trouble. Thanks for all the great posts, btw. Jh, and yeah, sorry about my english, not my native language, but i hope it's understandable enough.

  2. As the Scholar said some WFB stuff would be a brilliant addition. Lustria, Albion and things forgotten would be nice.