Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Apocalypse On The Horizon - Khornate And Necron Vehicles Sighted

Looks like we're in for a Summer of super-heavies folks.

The latest leaked images and information of upcoming Games Workshop releases it appears that some big vehicles are on the way. The first among these is the cover of next month's White Dwarf, featuring a massive Khornate daemon engine. Looking like the bastard child of a daemonic Megazord and a JCB, most people are predicting that this is a 40K scale Death Dealer or Lord of Battles. Older daemon engines pictured below which were first seen in the now defunct Epic 40,000 battle game. Were this not enough of an indication of what's coming up, the large letters announcing "Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse" to its left are a good indication of what we'll soon be seeing.

Reactions to the design of the specific machine have been mixed to say the least. Some enjoy the appearance or have commented upon certain details such as the head and armoured look as positives. Others are disappointed at the more traditional helm in place of a bull-like skull like those found in the Lord of Battles, or consider it to be the worst designed war machine since the Dreadknight. Stats or further information have yet to be released, or any reports on whether this will be an exclusive to the Blood God's followers or if the other three Chaos Gods will receive similar variants.

Additional rumours are stating that the Space Marines and Necrons will have similar releases.

Images of a Necron Super Monolith have been leaked here, likely either a new variant of the current super heavy or a redesign of the Doomsday Monolith introduced in Apocalypse Reload. This is likely a continued result of Games Workshop's efforts to better promote alien factions and to help capitalise upon the Necron presence in Imperial Armour 12: Fall of Orpheus. It's admittedly unfortunate that the army is only getting such attention after they were turned into SPESS TOMB KINGZ but it's better late than never.

On the Space Marine side of things, there are much less substantiated rumours of a plastic Thunderhawk Gunship. Given people have been saying this has been coming for the last six years and there is little to back it up as of this time, take this last report with more than a little salt. Nothing else has been reported beyond this.

As seen in the rumour mill thread linked above there are further reports of potential Eldar, Imperial Guard and Tyranid units in addition to this but nothing to back this up at this time. Though given the recent Codex: Eldar release and the large number of vehicles and their mini-titan the Wraith Knight, chances of their release are quite possible.

Whatever's the case, now is the time to put some money aside and build up the finances needed to buy the new units. If you're after them you know they're going to cost an arm and a leg.


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