Sunday, 26 February 2017

New Contributions, New Direction - Playne

So, after a brief moment of quiet - and to try and cover for the lack of content for today - we have a brief announcement to make. This is nothing major, no new changes to the website or new reviews, but my work will be appearing elsewhere from here on. Along with working for Starburst Magazine, I will now be writing for to cover video game summaries.

So, what's Playne do? Well, simply put it's there to cover another of Steam's shortcomings. Serving as a social media and connecting website, any game you look at will list off its full information, but you'll also be able to pick out several dozen similar titles from other series. These can be major releases or minor ones, but the idea is to ultimately shed more light on lesser known titles and convince people to give games they would have otherwise avoided a try. 

This thankfully means I won't need to pull my punches with a few bad ones (although trying to summarize Aliens: Colonial Marines is certainly going to be interesting) simply that you'll have a few hundred words citing the key strengths of a game, and what they share with similar titles. We may be featuring links to a few of these on here in the weeks to come, but for the moment this is a mere heads up to let you know that, if i'm running late with a review, this is likely the main reason why.

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