Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Horizon: Zero Dawn (Video Game Review)

Despite a poor showing with the last Killzone release, Guerrilla Games have gone the extra mile to make up for Shadow Fall’s failings with Horizon: Zero Dawn. Blending together a variety of mechanics and concepts from Far Cry to Tomb Raider, the world presented here is one of post-apocalyptic survival amid robotic animals. Rather than taking the Fallout route, this game tries to be bright, colourful and vibrant as it can, while showing shades of a world lost.


  1. I'm genuinely surprised that this is getting as good reviews as it is. Normally when you see games like this at E3 they're like Watch_Dogs, very overhyped and using mostly pre-rendered footage, so when they come out they're a big disappointment.

    I'm very happy that this one seems to be living up to the hype though. The E3 I saw with it was kind of a trainwreck, but I have to admit I'm very interested in most of the games featured there.

    1. Thought the same thing initially, especially when it came to the seemingly tailored and extremely controlled trailers, but it really works in the end. If they end up making this one of their big name franchises alongside Assassin's Creed (and without the yearly releases) i'd personally have no problems at all given how big the world is.