Saturday, 5 November 2016

Titanfall 2 (Video Game Review)

Titanfall is one of those classic examples of a game which sort of made it. You know the ones. The kind driven by hype culture, pushed forwards by advertising, and did prove to be genuinely good in the end, but lacked the kind of staying power to become a true classic.

By comparison, Respawn seems to have seriously sat down and examined their previous creation to produce Titanfall 2. It’s the same kind of beast as the previous game, but there’s a determined effort to flesh out the qualities which were found lacking in the previous title. The most obvious of these is a vastly better single player campaign, which offers greater insight into the world as a whole, and the gigantic mechs in this war. Having been forced to take control of one thanks to the death of its pilot, the inexperienced Cooper finds himself joined with BT, an emotionally blind titan who is obtuse to his sarcasm and quips.

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