Sunday, 20 November 2016

Infrequent Updates For The Foreseeable Months

Yes, it's another one of these posts. This is going to be kept quick as you can probably guess what it's about - Life screwing me over and meaning i'm too mentally and physically drained to continue working on here. In this case, it's down to one of my jobs going to hell in a hand-basket, with one thing after another going horribly wrong over and over again. Not the kind where i'm likely to lose it - with any luck - but the sort where work just keeps mounting up until we're insanely understaffed and everyone is having to work overtime (not to mention give up their days off) just to keep up with a few basic things. It's for this same reason we had nothing up to celebrate Halloween or a few other major events over the past weeks. I would call it crunch time, but that would imply we were reaching the end of something, whereas this is a total hell with no end in sight.

There are things in the pipeline, and Lord do I hope I am given the opportunity to write about them, but don't expect much for the next few weeks.

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