Monday, 6 June 2016

War Thunder - How to Succeed in the German Army

This is just another brief experiment with video capturing tech to see how things shape up. Well, that an a chance to show off a rather excellent kill streak as well, but the point was mainly to test how well the video capturing tech I had was.

For a while i've been considering experimenting with videos of all sorts really, from audio versions of full articles to historical works and War Thunder oddly enough seems like a good place for it. With a good mix of tanks and planes it offers plenty of great gameplay while at the same time offering a good number of lull periods or moments to help discuss the history behind certain tanks, the technology or even just to serve as filler while talking about certain subjects. Admittedly the main reason this one lacks commentary is because apparently my computer fan sounds like a car engine through it, so that needs to be sorted out before we go ahead with anything else.

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