Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Future, Missing Reviews and Alternatives to Ads

So, we've had more delays and some lacking content on here. Well, we should have some up again soon, it's just that the last submissions to a website outside the blog seem to have been lost in the editing room. Again. I can only apologise for this and hope that the three articles planned for this week will show up at a later date. Naturally there would normally be something written to take its place, but life, work and serious business have all taken their toll of late.

So, what is this about then? Well, here's a quick question to frequent readers - Would any of you be willing to support a Patreon campaign? Really, there's a few thousand of you visiting this blog on a daily basis now, and with the usual subjects we cover and the opportunity for either more rewards, questions or me to write about any subject you wished, it seemed worth asking. This is purely a concept i've been toying with for a while more than anything else - much like video works or transcripts, though I do have a mic for that now - and the easiest answer seemed to be just to ask you lot.

That's really it for the moment. It's not much of an update for today, but even if there are further delays I promise we'll have something more substantial up tomorrow one way or another.


  1. I'm not sure about the other readers, but I wouldn't mind paying by the month, or something similar so long as you set certain goals and reach them, for example X articles per month or at the least X updates/articles per month to explain what's going on, how much I'd be willing to give though would depend on what's offered.

    1. Well, this is just a general thought of course. It would be based on a monthly basis as you say and would require much more of a defined structure than what we have right now. Still, thanks for giving some feedback on this move and citing that you might be interested.