Monday, 30 May 2016

Our Battle Barge Has Been Named!

So, this got out of hand quite quickly. A couple of days ago I posted this as a brief filler report during a busy period for some fun, posted a couple of threads on Warhammer websites I frequent and walked away. Welp, upon returning there was a storm of names to sort through. Really, after it went onto a few social media groups or whatnot there were an alarming number to sift through. Plenty were good and a vast number were great - ones which may be re-used for this vessel's escorts - but sadly there can be only one winner.

Still, to give the creators the credit they deserve, here's a breakdown of the suggestions and their sources before we get to our name of choice.

Litany of the Forge

Mistakes Were Made

Aspiring Concept

Odyssey via Logic

Hasta Ferratus

Ferrus Fister

The Wolf Fanged Fist

1001 0011 1010 1111 1100 1001 1001 1000 0000 0110 0011

Iron's Irony (the ship was a present to the Iron Hands during the Great Crusade, gifted by the Iron Warriors)

Socal Media (Twitter):

Ferrus Manus' Muthafuckin' Pimp Hand (this was actually the more profane version of the original name I mentioned)

The Wraithslayer

Steel Rain of Plasma

Ultra Manus

Vengeful Battering Ram

The Havoc

Gorgon's Revenge

The Kingslayer

Black Barge of Death

The Manflayer

One Punch Barge

Ferrus' Revenge

Pride of Medusa

Xenocidal Fury

Give Us Back His Head!

Ferrus Angelus


Herald of Stronos

Fist of Ferrus

Hand of Ferrus

Back of my Hand

Dread Fist

Iron Smasher



Aquea Homina

Mallus Ferrum 

Dominus Metallum

Fleshbuster of Ferrus

Fist of Bannus

The Hand Job



Wrath of Iron

Iron Wrath



Mettle of Manus 

The Cake is a Lie

Cake or Death? 

Ferreus Aeternum



The Irate Iron Bus

Shut Down, Reboot.

Burning Horison

Voice of the Unavenged

Essence of Rage


The Drinks Cabinet

Sadly however there can be only one victor and while many came quite close to victory, few were quite so fitting for a steel armoured leviathan dispensing death as one early result:

Judge Dreadnought

So yes, the Clan Company is now occupying the Judge Dreadnought commanded by Admiral Race Bannon. This does mean that there's a Raven Guard in command of Iron Hands fleet assets, but most of the crew are probably counting their blessings it wasn't a Son of Russ in control of the ship.


  1. Dang, I wish I'd thought of that. Congrats to Admiral Bannon on his new command.

  2. Good name for a ship.

    I would have also suggested the "Few Inches off the Top" as a name