Thursday, 26 May 2016

Name Our Battle Barge

So, it turns out that naming Craftworld Eldar ships is far easier than naming astartes ones. Who would have thought.

In all seriousness, this is just a bit of fun to try and solve a current problem. Ever since Leeroy the Baneblade solo'd three Monoliths and emerged nearly unscathed, it's been a personal tradition of mine to name the most powerful unit in my army something ridiculous. Unfortunately, this time the intended option of "Pimp Hand of Ferrus" was sadly vetoed by fellow Gothic players, as was the more profane version.

Because of this, it seemed like it might be funny to leave this open to others. Whoever comes up with the best name will have the ship named after it and, as thanks, listed as the vessel's captain, just so people will know who to blame. Please keep any suggestions to two or three names at the most, just to avoid over-saturation.

That said, the first one to suggest any variation on "Bargy McBargehand" will be summarily executed. We're open to silliness here people, all I ask for is a little originality.


  1. Ah but you left out a key factor in deciding an appropriate title for the ship. What is the coolest thing its done and/or biggest thing it killed on its own?

  2. I'm going to go with a name that represents the chapter and honours their Primarch, so I throw my vote in for the name 'Ferreus Aeternum'. In common English/Low Gothic it translates to 'Eternally Hard' for the chapter that never stops coming, the ones who will never wilt in the face of pressure, and the ones who can keep on going well after everyone else is exhausted.

    Failing that name however, my second choice is to go with 'Bob.'

    1. Well, I went with another one in the end, but any is chance you would allow me to use that one in the future? I just ask as it would make a great one for another capital ship.

  3. Why would anyone veto "Pimp Hand of Ferrus"? The nerve.
    I haven't had much luck with names, all I got is "Forge-Panhandler", "The Irate Iron Bus", and "Shut Down, Reboot".

  4. Burning Horison
    Voice of the Unavenged
    Essence of Rage

  5. Wait, I got it.

    The Middle Finger.

  6. How about the SS SPESS MEHRIN?

  7. Considering how your characters often act in any given RP I am going to say

    "The Drinks Cabinet"