Saturday, 6 February 2016

XCOM 2 (Video Game Review)

At its heart, XCOM has always been a series about loss. Its very nature hinged upon the uphill battles the player fought, the troops they could permanently lose and sheer attrition of the long war, right down to a memorial for your casualties. Now, after all that, Firaxis opted to take away the world itself, declaring the player had lost the war. The experience was stripped down to its bare essentials, twisted to fit their new designs, and rebuilt as a darker, more cynical creation. Yet it’s one that is irrefutably an XCOM experience on every level.


  1. This certainly looks like a great game, I wish I could play it.

    I've bought it and have met the spec requirements, yet when I launch it I get a black screen before the game crashes for no discernible reason.

    It's not a random issue either, if you google XCOM 2 Black Screen you'll get a lot of results of both this and other technical issues, from the looks of some other issues people had with this game, it's also really poorly optimized. Such a shame too because I was really looking forward to this and one of my buddies was telling me how much fun it was.

    Supposedly the devs released this solution:
    Somehow I've got the feeling that's not going to help me.

    1. Hell.

      I am very surprised to hear this as the game went off without a hitch at my end. Really, there were genuinely no signs of optimisation problems or issues integrating with the PC in any way, so this comes as quite a shock. If I had known about it beforehand, I probably would have knocked the score down a point to reflect that.

      Here's hoping Firaxis sorts this out quickly.