Thursday, 14 January 2016

Tharsis (Video Game Review)

After a lengthy Early Access program, Tharsis finally hit Steam as a finished product, promising players a harsh survival digital board game aboard a lone colony ship travelling to Mars. With the odds stacked against you, risks of further disasters and supply shortages, this is the sort of game which makes FTL: Faster Than Light look like a walk in the park.


  1. I'm not too sure about a game with this much RNG, they can be fun for a while but when it turns into a "well I guess I'd better prematurely start over" they can stop being fun fast, so I've just got one question which I consider pretty important, how long does each game last?

    Usually if it's 1-2 hours, or even just less than three hours I can show it to friends, let them try it out, switch who's playing when somebody dies to keep it fun for example, or maybe I can even try streaming it while talking to people on Skype just for fun, however if it goes too long then the novelty can wear off and it just turns into a slog.

    1. I'll admit, that is ultimately what put me off it in the long run. Overall the mechanics, setting, ideas and even story all work out overall but there's way too much left up to chance. At the end of the day, it just seems that it can be worth stomaching some of the bad for the good, at least in my personal opinion.

    2. I can definitely see that, it's ultimately why I eventually gave up on unlocking everything in the advanced edition of FTL, even though it's a great game.

      However I've since looked up some gameplay, and since each game doesn't last very long I think I'll get it when it's on sale, then stream it several times as well as show it off to a few friends (the lack of a time limit also allows for things like backseat playing, so even a stream audience can participate if I do it on hitbox) so I don't think I'll find it to be a waste of money.