Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Master of the First by Gav Thorpe / The Long Night by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (Audio Drama Review)

Continuing to serve as a chance to see the greater universe about them, this latest audio drama duology offers more traitor action. Following up on the events on Caliban and the Night Lords captured following their legions defeat, they each take very different paths, gradually showing the changing nature of the galaxy about them. Despite the different setting, scale and even overall approach and focus by the author, their similarities lie in their roots. Each protagonist shows how their pasts ultimately shaped them, and that even in this late stage in the Heresy it only requires a slight nudge for a hero to become a turncoat to his own kind. An interesting point to be sure, as each warrior's choice hinges upon a decision their respective leaders made long, long ago...


  1. Have you read Gav Thorpe's The Legacy of Caliban series? I thought the first two books of the series were great, especially Master of Sanctity. However, felt a little let down by the final novel.

    1. Not yet i'll admit, though Angels of Darkness is an old favourite of mine. I was honestly hoping to wait until they released an omnibus collection before picking it up. Out of interest, does it tie in heavily with the Fallen or explore new areas?

  2. Yeah the Fallen play a big role in the series. Not so much in Ravenwing (the first book) but in the final two they do. They're definitely worth picking up. Master of Sanctity was my favourite book which I read last year; it was so good! I reviewed them if you want to dig a little deeper!