Thursday, 19 November 2015

Slowing Down For The Winter

Winter is an especially pressing time for many, but myself especially. Juggling between producing articles and working two jobs at the moment, time tends to be short and in these months it's hard to keep up to date on a daily basis. A few of my recent articles have already started to show signs of declining quality as a result of juggling these elements, and I would not wish for this to go any further. As such, i'm going to be slowing down with these articles for a while. Not stop, not cancel entirely, but you won't be getting them on a daily or bi-daily basis for a while. 

Until things change and I can balance this out with other, more pressing, matters this is sadly unlikely to change. I'll be responding to as many comments as I can and upload a few more reviews, and have a few planned works, but don't expect the unending torrent of work as with every other time this year.


  1. That's 100% fair in my opinion, personal life should come first, though if you're really worried about not having articles to put up then I'd recommend you space the regular articles (the ones outside the winter) out a bit more, as well as write articles well in advance and publish them every now and again; of course a lot of times that'll be impossible, like with new releases, but with some articles like your Chapter or a look back at things that have happened (or what you'd like to see in the new codex's/what they got wrong) can be posted as filler for the meantime, when you're too busy to write a new article.

    Of course I'm also not suggesting you start that now, it's just a suggestion for next year if your personal life (hopefully) balances out.

    1. Well, it's not keeping up with the articles outside of winter which is so bad in all honesty, just keeping up with stuff here more than anything else. November and December tend to be a nightmarish rush both for releases and dealing with customers, and putting in the time to get a good ten hours or so into each game or book tends to be difficult. Quite frankly it's amazing that it's gone on for quite this long.

      Fair point about more filler though. I have had quite a few background ideas to cover for a while or trying to save. It might be best to take a stab at building up a stockpile of them next year.