Sunday, 8 November 2015

Anno 2205 (Video Game Review)

Anno 2205 is a turning point in the whole franchise. It’s the point where Ubisoft seem to have dug their claws in, completely altering the game and dragging it down into mediocrity. Everything which its predecessor, 2070, accomplished is either woefully mishandled, poorly adapted or so badly dumbed down that it barely deserves to bear the Anno name.


  1. Well, that's just sad to read. And apparently, Anno 2070 has stopped rotating Global Events, so you can't unlock the rewards for those anymore...

    Why does anyone like Ubisoft?

    1. Because they sometimes churn out something excellent once in a while and some people still enjoy Assassin's Creed. That and they've yet to wreck every IP they have under their control. It's taking its time, but people are starting to see them as the third part of the triumvirate of evil in video games, along with Activision and EA.