Monday, 21 September 2015

Undertale (Video Game Review)

Over the past few years choice has become a key selling point in gaming. Whether it’s your moral standing or shaping the entire story it’s the flavour of the era, and we’ve seen entire development houses built upon selling this to players. However, all too often this comes down to a veneer of freedom, and following a series of narrative railroads to a conclusion. Undertale bucks this trend by giving the players the ability to not only win without harming a single person, but by the very nature of save scumming.

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  1. All everyone sees in it is the satisfaction of a few ideas not used and is really unforgettable unless you got some sort of amnesia. In all games, DETERMINATION is what brings us forward no matter how stressful the situation is. No one cares about tacky art style, and if they do then they must be a critic who works at an art museum, if they aren't then they had no idea what they are doing in life. Barely any games try to climb the rope that leads to having a pacifist or genocide endings, all they do is just kill everything because life as we know it is filled with things that kill you for barely any reason, and overused reasons. Sure this game has a few edges of how the protagonist knows what to do to effect the monster, not like the protagonist is humming to a loox or flexing to a woshua. We just care of how the game is treating us, we are having so much fun at dodging bullets on a bullet board or just going freely crazy.

    The game breaking the fourth wall and not letting you do a few things afterwards, that's fine with me, ragequitters have no determination and should just leave. But still obliterating the fourth wall? It's like it knows what i'm capable of. Works the first time though, but still good memories.

    Other than that it's just whenever i fail. I get mad but i don't leave. I want to keep going. I want to win! Other games is when I don't want to anymore. But Sans. Sans is one of the hardest bosses I have ever faced. But I wanted to try again, I don't want to say no! It took me two days with pain in my pinkie and arm, I only treasured it. And after that it's a piece of cake! There wasn't a better reward than that. After all I have been through, nothing more was wanted than to do it again. And again. And again! Many days I came back, its a Paci then a Geno. Paci. Geno. Paci. Geno. It's always interesting.

    I have no reason to hate this game. Ever.

    And all I hear from haters is their opinions without reason, they don't hate it, they just wanted to be offended by something.