Monday, 7 September 2015

Asurman: Hand of Asuryan (Book Review)

Whether or not you'll like Asurman: Hand of Asuryan comes down to an incredibly simple question - Did you enjoy the last work Gav Thrope produced for the eldar. If you did, you'll love this. If you didn't, you'll find a few interesting qualities here and a few improvements, but not enough to really justify the purchase. Really, there's nothing else to say about this, and really it has the same strengths and failings we can cite as last time.


  1. A shame this book never fully comes together, I wonder if some of the failings could've been fixed by making it sort of an anthology of short stories, focusing on many Eldar across the war as they attempt to fight it in their own area, with the results of everything becoming clear by the end.
    It would let you jump into many different minds and mindsets (if Asurmen's is this boring then why not) which I can't help but feel would benefit the viewers perception of the Eldar, especially considering how a Wraithknight pilot is about as far removed from Asurmen as a regular knight is to a bumblebee.

    1. You know what, yeah, have to definitely agree with that actually. It would definitely need to be focused far more upon the massive battle rather than the presence of the Phoenix Lord, but it could have been used to better show the figure's legendary presence. Atop of this, it would have definitely helped in the novel's habit from jumping at random to one character or another,

      Also, thinking of it, if the end results only came clear during the finale, it could also better help depict how the army operates. Especially as a massive ensemble of specialists and the way in which the Farseers manipulate the battlefield around them.