Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Thunder: The Problematic Nature of Dream Therapy and The Rehabilitation of Felons (Book Review)

Thunder is yet another of those stories which are problematic to judge to say the least. There’s a great idea at its core, many aspects are nailed and there’s definitely a fun element to it which fits the comic book approach the author was going for. At the same time though, as a first outing this is one which is extremely rough around the edges. It’s promising to be sure, and there’s more than a few definite signs of greatness in here, but in more than a few areas it seems to be more than a little off of the mark in terms of presentation.

The story here follows the dreams of a criminal, Thor Kazan, sentenced to Dream Therapy Rehabilitation, locked away within his mind as others outside manipulate the illusions in his head. In his head,  Thor’s thoughts follow a pair of thirteen year old boys, who find a ring linking them to a superhuman protector who can be summoned via a word. However, in the world beyond, the analysts and operators probe his thoughts and twist them one way or the next. as they learn more of what goes on within, the dreams begin to quickly dissolve into nightmares…

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