Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Grey Goo - Collector's Edition (Video Game Review)

In many regards Grey Goo can be seen as the successor to Petroglyph’s criminally underrated Universe at War: Earth Assault. The trio of diverse armies focusing upon mobile bases, entrenched formations and scattered hit-and-fade attacks, would be proof enough; yet other points stand out, such as the human faction’s close resemblance to the robotic Novus. Thankfully this was not simply a spiritual successor but a re-envisioning. The end result is not only an outstanding game, but one of the single best RTS releases of the last decade.

The story follows the war on the planet Falkannan. Having fled the onslaught of an unknown, terrifying foe, the alien Beta are gradually rebuilding their society. However, the initial test-firing of their new wormhole drags an unknown threat to their doorstep and forces them to fight for their lives once more. At the same time, a human expeditionary force is drawn to the planet while following of a strange signal, and is soon dragged into a war they unwittingly created…

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