Monday, 20 July 2015

Too Many Dreadnoughts

The title says it all really, and the image supports this. Really, I don't even play Blood Angels and yet i've got three of their Contemptors. This is turning into less a fondness for the old venerable monsters of each chapter and more a downright addiction. Also probably a sign that there's a lot more painting to be done with these miniatures, new and old stuff alike.

Odd opening tangent aside (mostly to try and keep things fresh) this is largely just a heads up to say that there won't be much content for the coming week. While there might be the odd review, for the most part things are going to be silent thanks to another ongoing project which has suffered a fair number of delays. The results of it might show up on the blog eventually, or it might turn into something greater with some luck. The point is that things are going to be quiet here for a while.

After the end of the coming week we should be back to your normally schedules reviews or inane nonsense.


  1. Good luck with your project, though to be honest I'm more focussed on trying to figure out who the white and blue Dreadnoughts are, if there are chapters that use pre-heresy World Eater colours then I'm not aware of them, and I do like the converted Tyrus armour.

  2. Heh, in all honesty they're those colours because they are World Eaters dreadnoughts from my warband. Actually did intend to use contemptors but it turns out that the current versions, or ones like them, were about at that time.

    Most of this information comes from the Space Wolves, but the reason that legion had so few Contemptors was because the prior versions were easier to repair, upgrade, modify and refit to keep them going. This suited their relentless approach to war, and habit of getting more heavily damaged in conflict. It's mostly to help excuse Bjorn being in a normal dread rather than a Contemptor, but it's still a good idea and kind of suited the World Eaters as well.