Saturday, 18 July 2015

Godzilla (Video Game Review)

Dull, repetitive, slow and utterly joyless, Godzilla is the complete antithesis of the camp fun found in its source material. It’s the equivalent of seeing a poor artist attempting to ape the great ideas of another man’s creation; taking the same ingredients and ideas, but putting them together with such ineptness it’s more a bad joke than a finished product.


  1. I was really surprised at the low level of reviews this game has been getting across the board (just look at metacritic, you're certainly not alone). I didn't think it would be good, I thought it would be more like the very fun previous Godzilla games. That's a shame, though maybe this means they'll release the older ones on the PSN network if they haven't already since Sony sometimes does that.

  2. Well, in all honesty most of the reviews I honestly think should be a lot lower. Even just counting the game on its price alone, they're charging full AAA costs for what's obviously an ugly, budget title with a short lifespan, limited combat and very little replay value. This is the sort of thing you'd probably see going for about three pounds or six dollars on Steam, not those kinds of costs.
    Have to agree it's a damn shame as well though as, despite the bad games to his name, it's not like there's not been some good Godzilla titles. All they really needed to do was either copy the older games and turn it into a modern spectacle fighter or follow the Dynasty Warriors route and have the player annihilating ridiculous numbers of foes with the occasional strong enemy. This shouldn't be hard.

    Out of interest though, if you had to pick one to show up on PSN, may I ask which you'd go for?

    1. I would go for Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters as I think it was the one that best captured the feeling of two monsters fighting through cities without care for collateral damage. It was also the one with the best combat in my opinion (even with the kind of wonky combat). A tuned up version of that would be great, but since it's not on PS2 (though I think they did manage to port old games over in the past) I'd settle for Godzilla: Saves The Earth.