Monday, 30 March 2015

Bloodborne (Video Game Review)

Right off of the bat you can tell that Bloodborne is a Hidetaka Miyazaki creation, following in the vein of his work with the Dark Souls franchise. You’re a lone warrior inflicted by a plague, wandering across a lone city in search of a cure. Hounded by degenerates and monsters, devolved remnants of a better time, and risking losing your humanity. Second verse, same as the first. This said; it provides enough interesting twists to still truly stand out on its own.


  1. Bloodborne I've really been on the fence about, so I've just got a few general questions about it: Does Bloodborne have a stash where you can put the blood you've taken from dead enemies? Can you still only have one bloodstain on the ground? Are there still the illusionary walls (that sometimes hide very important NPC's)? Is this like Dark Souls where it's entirely possible to miss complete levels and also the story if you didn't find a guy in a location the game hid from you? Lastly if you make somebody mad by accidentally hitting them is there an NPC to remedy that?

    I've got mixed feelings about all the games that From Software has put out, so depending on the answers I might not get the game, no stash, one bloodstain, and illusionary walls are all important as those were what I hated the most out of their previous games (especially when their previous games all had instant kill BS traps that were impossible to see coming).

    1. Well, first of all, yes there is a stash for consumables and items which can be quite frequently accessed from within a dream realm. It's one aspect which can seriously help to take the edge off in some of the more frustrating bits, and it's also right next to a workbench to save time hunting around for putting some things together. The bloodstain system this time has been replaced by tombstones, which are a little easier to spot if necessary. I'm actually not sure how many you can leave behind, as I'll admit I didn't use this system that often.

      As for illusionary walls, yeah that is in there to a certain degree. There was one NPC, a non-plot critical one who you just had a few minor interactions with admittedly, that I only found by getting killed at one specific bit. In addition to this, there's also a secret ending and boss fight you can only bump into by finding a few certain items. Personally I do love stuff like this as I feel it rewards repeat playthroughs and allows players who deduce things from hints in the lore to be rewarded for their efforts, but I can see how this would seriously hack off others.Unfortunately turning NPCs non-hostile is something which doesn't seem to be an option as well, at least there's no option I currently know of anyway.