Friday, 27 March 2015

Alone (Audio Drama Review)

Of all that you can say about his stories, Joe Parrino seems to be at his best when he is handling spiritual or otherworldly themes. This is in part thanks to his writing style, having a firm grip upon presenting the unknown or creeping themes, but also in that his characters always seem to be at their strongest when facing what lies beyond. Witness stood out thanks to its Lovecraftian descriptions and depiction of the Grey Knights, while by comparison In Service To Shadows failed to resonate so strongly thanks to its xenos villains. Equally, while The Shape of the Hunt succeeded in presenting an interesting and balanced depiction of the White Scars, it was their spiritualism and aspects of tribalism which made them memorable. As a result of this, Alone proves to be one of his stronger stories, focusing squarely upon Chaos and a lone warrior hunting through the bowls of a damned vessel.

Having been separated from his battle brothers, Librarian Ithkos of the Raven Guard prowls amid ruined shrines and desolated halls for signs of survivors. Through his comm. bead, the astartes hears the whispers of the dead, and in every shadow something unspeakable lies in wait. As time runs out and space itself seems to warp about him through the corrupted vessel, Ithkos fights to survive and re-join his company. Yet when hints of survivors are found potentially still hidden away aboard the doomed ship, just what price might he be forced to pay in return for their safekeeping?


  1. Many thanks for taking the time to review this!

    1. You're quite welcome. I hope my opinions were helpful in some way.