Friday, 5 July 2013

Thor Vol. 3 #1 by Joe Michael Straczynski - Comic Review [Bellarius]

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If there was one comic which truly showed how to get a modern day monthly series right in the Marvel universe, it would be this one. While he is better known for an acclaimed but troubled run on Spider-Man, JMS truly struck gold here. There's a perfect balance of humour and drama, an aversion to the growing nihilism of Marvel and best of all the plot never feels dragged out. It keeps a constant pace, progresses at a speed which allows for new revelations to take place along with minor character moments, and lacks the ultra-decompression and padding many series suffer from. If anything it's the anti-Age of Ultron comic more than anything else. Something only helped by the fact that, rather than focusing upon loss or the risk of losing something, the first volume is about rebuilding what was lost.

Set in the wake of Civil War, the asgardian race lies seemingly dead following a gambit to escape Ragnarok. Asgard itself is long gone and Thor, the true Thor, has not been seen since entering hibernation. However, things are soon to change. Doctor Donald Blake once again walks the earth, restored thanks to a loophole in the spell Odin cast upon his son to make him believe he was human, and touches the fallen mjolnir. Communicating with the god of thunder's spirit as it resides in the void of non-existance, he convinces him to take up the hammer once more with a new task: Restore his race and the fallen kingdom.

However, the world is not as he remembers and Thor will find himself opposed by former allies and enemies alike as he tries to complete his task.

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