Friday, 17 May 2013

The Return of Shadowrun

As the title says Shadowrun will be returning soon. Despite the long silence following the brief recap of the first campaign we have still been playing and i've been keeping record of each session. The reason for a lack of uploads has mostly been due to a lack of time with much of my efforts being forced towards University, but with the last deadline being on the 22nd expect a return of updates soon afterwards.

There will be a frequent upload of sessions, one per day, until the records catch up with our current situation. The team is about halfway through the actual operation, we've been shot at several times, had one of the closest calls we've had yet and destroyed one very expensive desk. Not to mention assassinated a man via re-enacting a film scene with guards.

Besides the return of Shadowrun there are one or two Kickstarter Spotlights which have been lined up, yes i've not forgotten about them, and more Founding Fields reviews. Expect content not long after that and both film and Doctor Who reviews to continue as per normal. Hopefully everything should be back up to speed sometime in the middle of June.

That aside there is a question I would like to ask. You might have noticed that yesterday saw the return of the Top 5 Changes To 6th Edition... lists, this time focusing on Codex: Eldar. In the past many of you have taken notice of these, already that article is outdoing the average one on this site three times over. The one follow-up made to one however, the Codex: Tau Empire review, went largely ignored. For every fifteen or so who looked at the Top 5 list only one or two actually bothered to look at the review of the book. As such how many of you are actually interested in the reviews?
This stuff is content being produced to entertain and inform you, so if you don't want to see it then please just say so. I don't want to waste time and money on something you don't want to see.

That aside, expect to see more stuff up soon and have a good weekend.

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