Thursday, 30 May 2013

Knights of the Old Republic - Tenth Anniversary Celebratory Release

One of the single most beloved and most celebrated titles with the Star Wars brand, Knights of the Old Republic is a title known to almost everyone. Famous for its stunning reveal, memorable characters, exploration of an unseen era in that universe; it's more than earned its place among all time classic RPGs. At almost ten years old now the game has been re-release to celebrate its approaching anniversary.

Set four thousand years prior to the events of the Phantom Menace, the game follows the story of an ensemble of characters as they attempt to halt the relentless advance of the Sith Empire. With the Jedi Order and Republic military being pushed back at every turn, they must find and destroy a weapon known as the Star Forge before it can be used against them. Granting the Sith military total dominance and dooming the known galaxy to their rule.

Having been adapted by Mac games developer Aspyr, KOTOR is now available for download as an app on the iPad. The game is stated to have been upgraded to contain various UI enhancements to make use of the touchscreen, along with efforts made to retain a similar experience to the original despite the different platform. Both the graphical quality and far reaching quests have been preserved, with it taking up 1.98GB of memory and requiring iOS 6.0 or higher to run effectively.

Elizabeth Howard, Aspyre's Vice President of publishing had this to say on the matter: "Being able to bring one of the most beloved Star Wars games to iPad for such a momentous event is an incredible honor, (...) We have a long history at Aspyr of bringing the best games to Apple platforms, and as bona fide fans of the original release, we've worked to ensure that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for iPad lives up to its prodigious reputation."

The game can be bought from here for $9.99, with further technical information and screenshots displaying the title's quality.

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