Monday, 15 April 2013

The Coming Month

Okay, this is another announcement. There's been a lot of these lately but this one needs to be made.

I'm approaching the end of my final year in University. There are three major projects which require completion and quite frankly I want to get a good overall grade out of this. As such rather than writing for the site i'll be focusing my efforts towards essays and filming. This means there will likely be few to no updates or stories over the coming month or so. I am sorry for having to do this.

Those which will be continuing will be the Doctor Who reviews, not about to stop those just as soon as I started them again, and possibly some news reports. Iron Man 3 might also get a look but it really depends upon how much time I have, and others like Oblivion will likely only get a review post DVD release at best. Besides those few bits, work on University projects will be a priority.

So until writing begins in full again, goodbye and I leave you with this demotivator.

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