Tuesday, 2 April 2013

New Record

Just a minor announcement but last month set a new record for the site.

Nothing major but the total number of words produced for that month was 36,000. Okay give or take a few hundred but the point is it's a major step up from what we had beforehand. Not too much of a surprise admittedly considering we'd stepped up to one article per day but it was still a major shift in terms of the level of work being produced.

It's as of yet unknown if we'll be able to keep up with this rate of production, but for the time being things look promising. Also, i've been picking out a few films, obscure or otherwise, to start covering as the site has been veering far too much towards video games and novels ass of late. So expect a couple within the next week or so.

Also as a further note I have been reconsidering doing Doctor Who again as the first episode for this half of the series was a major step up in quality, but i'm still on the fence. Admittedly with Neil Gaiman helming the next Cybermen episode and the Ice Warriors making a return things look promising, but i'm not ready to commit to analysing the show's apparently slow curve towards mediocrity.

And as one final note, after the success of the second "5 Changes 6th Edition Codex: X Needs" i'm going to be turning it into a series. Like Kickstarter Spotlight it won't be a frequent thing but something which comes up once in a while and done when it looks like a new update is soon. Or some inept man who knows nothing about good writing has just decided to rip the canon a new one yet again.

So until then I hope you'll keep reading and remember if there's anything specific you want to see or have written about there are terms for this available here.

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