Thursday, 8 November 2012

Inactivity 08/11/2012-18/01/2013

Yes we're going to have another bout of this and unfortunately it's unavoidable. Over the past weeks i've been balancing university work with travelling and reviewing, but the former two are just sucking up more and more time.

Over the next three months i'll have to devote nearly all of my time and energy to working on four major assignments to have them finished on time, proofread, and all that other good stuff. I was hoping that it would be kept to a manageable level somehow but with so many deadlines crammed together, and the tutors apparently expecting us to work on stuff over Christmas, making new reviews is going to be difficult.
Truth be told I had anticipated this and was making efforts to produce work to cover for this time, but the mysterious damage my laptop suffered during August put a stop to that. I want it made clear that there will be things uploaded during this time but they will be infrequent at best and of older stuff so don't expect any new releases after last night's one.

I am extremely sorry for these delays and hope that things will be back to normal again after early to mid January. Thank you all once again for taking the time to read the things I put up onto this site and on occasion commenting upon them, especially those who do so in spite of disagreeing with my opinion.
If I don't get the chance to comment again before it happens have a merry Christmas and see you in 2013.

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