Saturday, 5 August 2017

Immortal Planet (Video Game Review)

The idea of an isometric Dark Souls experience is something we have seen before with the likes of Jotun. Yet, with this said, Immortal Planet looks to twist things with its own take on the genre in both setting and style. Rather than utilising existing mythologies, the game instead builds its own half-seen narrative.


  1. I've got two big questions about this release. Firstly is there progression with your weapons and abilities? Some of the DS inspired games I've seen like Titan Souls are more challenges that you're expected to get through with your starting gear and as such you're not given anything beyond that. Unfortunately this makes the game boring for me after a certain point and I find that it feels more like a grind when I keep dying, no matter how varied the enemies are since there never seems to be a reward for winning besides going on to the next area, which doesn't really alleviate the bored feeling.

    The second is this: "Is there a pause button?" That one's vital, and if there isn't then I'm just going to have to ignore it until they do something like patch one in like they did with Nioh, or if something else happens (like somebody I know buys it for me as a gift).

    Even then I'm a little worried that it might just be more frustrating based on what you've described. I can't stand being stun-locked in these types of games, and that feature was one of the most frustrating things about Nioh as it made some combos impossible to escape. It also made the vampire boss really annoying because she'd stun you while stun-locking you and it just felt like somebody was ripping the controller out of my hands whenever it happened (granted that was mostly the beta, and once the game came out I crushed her since I'd gotten so used to getting killed by that happening).

    1. There is some progression when it comes to weapons and abilities but not a massive amount. You do unlock a few more abilities and skills such as telekinesis as you go along, and a few weapons like the Fireblade do show up, but it's not the single most broadly designed creation I have ever bumped into. Plus, I will admit, there were points where I basically stopped to farm certain enemies in order to get those over actually progressing, so it can be a bit grindy depending upon how you wish to approach things.

      As for a pause button, unfortunately not. I'm afraid that will likely be the breaking point for you as there's no way to actually halt the combat or leave it on standby for a while. There are a few safer or more controllable areas to help alleviate this, but you cannot stop in the middle of combat. I can definitely understand just why this would be a breaking issue for you though, given how problematic this can be with Souls in general.

      Well, the stun-locking was mostly down to certain foes over others. There are quite a few you can rapidly pull back from or escape with the right timing, and the use of the dash attack. It's just that it honestly seemed that there were certain ones which seemed to work best as a part of a varied group, but you just ended up fighting several at a time. Hence the stun-locking.

    2. That's a shame, not having a pause button's still a deal-breaker and that alone is going to prevent me from getting this.