Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Playne and Simple - 10/05/2017

So, as I mentioned a while back, part of the slower pace of work on here is due to being employed in three separate jobs at the moment. One of these involves writing several articles per day for them, and that has been my main focus of late. That said, it seems wrong not to share some of these articles. So, from here on, once per week there will be an article like this listing off a few of these games.

The main purpose of Playne isn't to say whether a game is good or bad (though i'll admit i've yet to encounter anything so dire as Aliens: Colonial Marines) but cite its strengths and what they share with similar games. It's a way for you to look at one game, and try to find similar releases you might have otherwise overlooked. Speaking personally, this has actually been good for me as well, and I have noted quite a few fun games while researching these that I would have otherwise ignored. Honestly, Transformice might sound like a bad knock-off but it proved to be one of the most entertaining experiences I have had this year.

So, without further delay, here's a few games and their articles:

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