Saturday, 25 March 2017

Reviews On Hold Due To Same Old Problem

I had hoped to avoid doing this once again, especially so soon after the last one, but it looks like i'm going to have to stop writing for a while. It's the same reason as last time - my absolute hellhole of a job is giving me grief non-stop, and I am constantly arriving back from work utterly burned out from the experience. The good news is this might be changing at the end of the month with any luck, but until then it seems the life sucking parasite known as retail is doing all it can to kill me from sheer stress before I can escape it.

With luck we should have better news soon, and until then I hope you are well. I will update if I can, and comment when I have time, but in all likelihood things are going to be quiet on this front for at least the next week or so.

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