Friday, 30 December 2016

Stalling Work Due to Codices and Hell Itself

Yes, we've had yet more delays, and only partially for the reasons you're thinking of. One is due to the aforementioned reasons, that life will simply not stop kicking me while I am down, and my day job is devolving into a personal complete hell. 

The other reason is simple: Too many damn codices. You might have noticed this but we had three of these things appear in one month, and, well, not one of them is simple to get through. Hell, the easiest one was Wrath of Magnus, because that at least focused on only one army. The rest contain a good eight or so mini-armies, each and every one of which needs to be separately analysed and detailed in its own right. So, despite my best efforts, my usual push towards the end has slowed to a near halt. I will be pushing to finish both sooner rather than later (provided nothing else gets in the way) and with luck we can get back to many other books, games and items which we've otherwise not been able to cover.

1 comment:

  1. Damn, sorry to hear about your job situation. Hope things get better soon.

    Take your time with the codices if you feel it's necessary - it'll be a more useful read, and more importantly, sounds like it'd be the best for you if you don't have to stress over them as well.